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The limited merch bundle of DURCEL HAZE – DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE. It comes with a unisex t-shirt in the chosen size and color, the compact disc in a 6-sided digi-pack and 12-sided booklet, 2 stickers and a signed card by the artist.



Two languages, three nationalities, four different musical origins and a common rehearsal room. This is Durcel Haze and their debut album “Down The Rabbit Hole”, including savage songs that directly reflect the twisted mindset and weird ideas of the band.

The album title aims at “Alice in Wonderland” by Charles Carrol, but also refers to the currently overwhelming jungle of information and fake news from the depths of the Internet. The rabbit hole will take us to an alternative reality, into a world of fictional stories and the rough sound of 4 different characters who have found a common denominator among them.

The main story line is a contemplation, structural thoughts which arise when our mind is forced to focus itself. “Durcel Haze” shaped these thoughts and used them as a basis for the songs of this album. Due to the COVID pandemic, the musicians were isolated a lot and therefore only able to compose from remote, a few songs did not even have the chance to be played together prior to the production of the album.

Some songs may inspire the listener to deal with certain challenges in one way or another. Others tell imaginary stories that can simply help to disconnect from everyday life. Sometimes you have to get lost to find the right way! This makes the message of the album universal.

As a producer, Reinhard von Wegen directed the variable compilation to be coherent and consistent. The result is a modern alternative rock LP with unique songs. Tip for gourmets: Durcel Haze pairs well with a light lager or a hoppy ale!

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01 – The Void
02 – Unleashed Confusion
03 – Nighthawk
04 – Deadbeat
05 – Love Skillz
06 – Maze
07 – Right Into Your Face
08 – Wonder How
09 – Agnus Die
10 – A Dream Dark
11 – Stand Together


CD + Grey Rabbit Shirt M, CD + Grey Rabbit Shirt L, CD + Grey Rabbit Shirt XL


Produced by Reinhard von Wegen & Durcel Haze at Hicktown Records ®
Copyright by Hicktown Records ® LC-24836
Distributed by Cargo Records
Published by Hicktown / Sentric Music
Recording by Reinhard von Wegen, Thomas Merth
Editing by Reinhard von Wegen, Thomas Merth
Mixdown by Reinhard von Wegen
Mastering by Reinhard von Wegen
Artwork by Mario Edinger
Fotos by Alex Gretter
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